2018 Holiday Gift Guide For Veterinary Technicians

Nov 09 2018

Are you stressing over what to gift the special veterinary technician in your life? Worry no longer! Veterinary technicians work hard and have busy schedules, so finding ways to make their lives easier is a good way to approach gift shopping. Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas to make the holidays special for your favorite veterinary technician:

Give The Gift of Coffee

Being a veterinary technician can include working long, difficult shifts, so keeping fueled is important. Not every vet tech drinks coffee, but many do, and you can make their life easier with the gift of coffee! You can give them a coffee machine for home, new accessories and accouterments, or even a coffee bean subscription to let them try new flavors. If the person you are gifting for isn’t a fan of coffee, you can also look into other things like varieties of tea and hot chocolate. A hot cup of comfort is a great way to recharge and energize, regardless of what is in it!

Find Favorable Footwear

Working as a vet tech isn’t just tiring, it can completely wear people out. Veterinary technicians usually spend most of their day on their feet, so making sure they have comfortable footwear is important. Even if they already have a pair of sneakers or clogs that they wear for comfort, you can always get a new pair for them to enjoy and provide options. Many vet techs definitely prefer function over form, so find them shoes that are excessively comfortable and provide ample support and protection for the foot. If they look flattering at the same time, then that’s a bonus! An alternative to new footwear is finding a good shoe insert that can help alleviate stress off of their feet.

Make Meal Prep Manageable

Since veterinary technicians spend a lot of time on their feet and working hard, do you think they’re in the mood to fix a complicated meal once they get home? Of course not! Brainstorm ways that you can make their meal prep simpler, especially for evening meals. Devices like pressure cookers or crock pots open up countless options for simple no-hassle meals that they can throw together and having cooking while they’re on the job. There’s nothing quite like walking into the house to smell dinner already cooking! If your recipient isn’t the slow cooking type, you can also consider services like Blue Apron that deliver simple meals right to their door, saving them the time of having to go to the grocery store. Many of the meals can be prepared in half an hour or less, so it’s perfect for anyone with a busy work schedule.

Bring on The Bandage Scissors

Yes, that’s right, bandage scissors. Why such a simple gift you ask? It’s a common phenomena for these scissors to sprout legs and walk away in the clinic, so providing a pair for your vet tech giftee can allow them to always have them on-hand. You can buy them in all kinds of colors and shapes, and some even have clips or bands to help prevent them from getting lost. It may be a simple gift, but it’s one that a vet tech will remember you by each time they use them!

Watch Out For Wristwatches

Timekeeping is an important element of being a veterinary technician, so providing your friend or family member with a nice watch can help them do their job well. Wristwatches should be lightweight, comfortable, and not too clunky. Analog watches are also preferred by many because it makes it easier to keep track of seconds when doing things like checking a pet’s pulse. Digital watches work too, as long as they have a way to visibly keep track of seconds. From there you can choose whatever features you want to give. There are tons of band styles and materials, ranging from inexpensive rubbers, plastics, and nylon to pricier stainless steel or ceramic. Find the watch that combines functionality with a look that your vet tech would enjoy!

It’s also worth noting that the veterinary technician you are buying for might prefer a stethoscope watch. These neat watches come in a few varieties, and affix to a stethoscope, which is something that vet techs almost always have on them. Some will prefer this over a wristwatch, so keep your recipient’s preferences in mind!

Get Veterinary Technician Education at PCI

Have you considered becoming a veterinary technician yourself? Many vet techs love their jobs because of the difference that they can make, and they love working with animals! If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to become a veterinary technician, reach out to us today!

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