5 Reasons It’s Never Too Late to Begin Your Education at PCI

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It’s never too late to further your education, and it’s never been a better time to consider making the leap. While there is a lot of uncertainty right now, you can take this opportunity to explore a new education and career! At Pittsburgh Career Institute, we’re still striving to help prepare our current and future students with a good education.

You can get the conversation started to learn how to apply at PCI now. Plus, you can check out a few reasons why now could be the right time for you.

1. You Never Know What You Can Accomplish

If you’d like to find a career you can love, it may help to get an education that supports you with your new goals. You could set a goal to find a career that lets you feel fulfilled or find something that allows you to pursue your interests. People love their careers for different reasons! Some love working with others, while others love a good challenge.

Whatever your dreams are, finding the right education can help you discover what you naturally enjoy and how to unlock your potential. Who knows? You may find that you love being in a career that lets you work with a variety of people, and the healthcare industry is a good place to start.

Medical assistant students learning to take vitals

2. We Can Help You Start Your Education

No matter what concerns you have that are stopping you from pursuing an education you’ve been dreaming of, we can help! We want to support our students and help them feel prepared for their future in the medical industry.

Some of the resources we offer for students are:

  • Financial aid available for those who qualify
  • Externships and hands-on experience as part of our programs
  • Small class sizes to keep our student-to-teacher ratio low

You can learn more about other reasons why PCI could be a good choice for you.

3. PCI Offers Continued Support After Graduation

Beginning your education at PCI is just that, a beginning. We will be there for you after your time at PCI, working to help connect you with the right career fit. Don’t let your fear of looking for employment hold you back.

Our Career Services department is there to help you every step of the way – from interview preparation to resume writing and professional networking. Some of the other resources we make available to our students are: Some other things we offer to help our students are:

  • Career fairs
  • Mock interviews
  • On-site interviews
  • Job search workshops

We want our students to feel supported in finding their new career, so our career services focus on both finding a career and showing employers that you deserve the position.

4. The Right Training Can Help You Find the Right Career

Whatever your health care career goals are, PCI offers an educational path that can benefit you. There are many options available, especially at PCI! You can explore careers in or as a:

A career that fits your lifestyle and your interests is within your reach!

Surgical technologist students preparing a surgery

5. The Medical Industry Is in Demand

The healthcare industry is expected to grow! In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare occupations are growing by 14%. We expect that the medical industry will always be in demand. Good healthcare professionals are always needed to help care for those who need it.

Take the Next Step

Finding a new career can take time, but it’s worth it. Our admissions team is happy to discuss your career options. We would love to help you find your next career path, so get in touch to learn how to get started at PCI.

Read more about specific career paths in our career guides:

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