Traits of a Great Respiratory Therapist

Jun 19 2017

It’s no surprise that careers in the medical field take a lot of dedication and talent. One great career requiring less than 2 years of schooling is respiratory therapy! (In fact, you can earn an Associate’s Degree from Pittsburgh Career Institute in Respiratory Therapy!) These therapists are known for their specialty and what makes them great at their jobs.


Like many other healthcare careers, Respiratory Therapists interact with patients on a daily basis. If you’re caring and compassionate, your patients notice the difference in the way they feel emotionally, even if physically they don’t feel well. Great Respiratory Therapists love the feeling of knowing their patients are breathing easier. You’ve got to love what you do!


The Respiratory Therapy program here at Pittsburgh Career Institute has a high set of entrance requirements. The program is rigorous and provides a lot of information requiring study time. You’ll want to learn to do well in this program. If you’re ready to push yourself to be among the best and the brightest, contact us today.

Determination and Dedication

Students enter our program with the intention of having a lifelong career as a Respiratory Therapist. This career requires dedication and determination to your patients, other medical personnel, and continuing education. The medical field is constantly changing and you have to be ready, dedicated, and determined to keep up!


Healing takes time. Respiratory Therapists are calm and patient throughout the healing process. You will offer continued support, time, and your expertise to your patients through their most difficult moments. Your smile and healing hand will be remembered forever by them and their families.

Do You Have These Traits?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a Respiratory Therapist, contact us today! We’re ready and willing to help you find out how to get started! Learn more about respiratory therapy on our blog!

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