At Pittsburgh Career Institute, our mission is to successfully prepare motivated students for entry-level positions in the health industry with knowledge and skills, the confidence to apply them dynamically, and the judgment to do so wisely. We strive to do so in an environment that is diverse, supportive, tolerant, goal-oriented and positive.



The Western School of Health and Business Careers (“Western”) first opened in October of 1980 and was granted institutional accreditation by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools in April of 1982. The National Association of Trade and Technical Schools, now the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, became the institutional accreditor of the school in April of 1985. The School of Health and Business Careers opened its Monroeville Branch in February of 1989. Approval to offer specialized Associate in degrees was granted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in July of 1987 and May of 1990. In August 2003, the School of Health and Business Careers was acquired by Career Education Corporation, a publicly traded company. In September 2008, Western changed its name to Sanford-Brown Institute.

In 2014, New Opportunity Calling LLC purchased Sanford-Brown Institute and changed its name to Pittsburgh Career Institute, ushering in a new era of local control to meet local needs, contribute in the local economy, and participate in the local community.


  • Pride:  in the value of important work done well, in the confidence of knowing how to do the important work well; and the financial rewards and independence that comes as a result.
  • Fulfillment:  in acquiring skills and a start in the workplace to support yourself and your loved ones.
  • Maturity:  in understanding the process of working for the things we want and need, and wanting the things for which we need and work.
  • Satisfaction:  for having done something positive and empowering for oneself.
  • Service:  for turning to the person climbing the ladder behind us and helping them up to the next level.
  • Success:  in setting realistic goals and attaining them.


  • Environment: We strive to create an environment that simulates the workplace by maintaining industry-current laboratory facilities, equipment, and externship opportunities.
  • Quality: We seek out faculty of higher caliber to provide education and training that focuses on the core knowledge and skills required to succeed and achieve professional recognition.
  • Service: We endeavor to recognize each of our students as individuals deserving of the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.
  • Continuous Improvement: We utilize student outcomes and feedback from students, employers, faculty, staff, and advisory groups as a measure to continually improve our educational programs.
  • Achievement: We provide the means to support high levels of achievement from our students, staff and faculty.


Our educational philosophy is based on delivering a personalized, quality education to each and every student.  The programs we offer are designed to be sound in concept and geared toward individuals who are seeking a foundation in the knowledge and skills required for their chosen field.  We provide students with a supportive environment to better help them gain competency in their area of study.  Our classes, labs and equipment are industry-current and our instructors are dedicated professionals.  The programs we offer are relevant to employers’ needs and focus on areas that offer long-term employment opportunities.


The faculty members are the keystone of Pittsburgh Career Institute’s quality.  Members of the faculty have industry or professional experience, together with appropriate academic credentials. The faculty brings a high level of professionalism to the classroom. Through the guidance of the faculty, theoretical and practical applications are addressed in the curricula and reinforced by interaction with professionals in the industry for which training is offered.

Faculty members are dedicated to academic achievement, professional education and to the preparation of students for their chosen careers.  It is through personal attention that students can reach their potential, and it is the dedicated faculty who provide the guidance necessary to assure students that their time in class is well spent.