What Can I Do With a Respiratory Therapy Degree?

girls in red scrubs using medical devices on a manequinWith a Respiratory Therapy Degree, you can have the freedom to explore career opportunities in a healthcare setting. Respiratory Therapist’s responsibilities include evaluating patient’s respiratory conditions, facilitating physical examinations, running diagnostic tests, and administering treatments. 

Find out what career options are available with a Respiratory Therapy Degree, plus learn more about the ideal personality most suited for this career, and what to expect from a Respiratory Therapist training school.

Career Options That Are Possible With a Degree in Respiratory Therapy

A Respiratory Therapist can work in hospitals, provide treatment in care facilities, and sometimes care for patients in the patient’s home. More career opportunities include: 

  • Hospitals
  • Acute care facilities
  • Infant & pediatric facilities
  • Sleep disorder centers
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Transport teams
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation centers

Is the Demand for Respiratory Therapists Increasing?  

It is very likely to find a job as a Respiratory Therapist in the year 2020, due to the spike of the Cronavirus. According to MedPage Today, “The demand for ventilator management has increased the workload for many respiratory therapists.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic has played a significant role in the demand for Respiratory Therapists, although it looks like demand was already rising. Explore Healthcare Careers predicts that the demand is increasing due to a large growing percentage of older people who have high incidences of respiratory conditions. 

Treat Patients With Respiratory Problems

You can have the unique opportunity to work on patients who’ve been diagnosed with respiratory illnesses. For example, the Coronavirus is a virus that has quickly spread throughout the nation, and as mentioned above has increased the demand for Respiratory Therapists. 

The Coronavirus is a virus that attacks the lungs, and some people who have it require breathing support. It can be a life-threatening disease, because the infection can trigger an imbalance in the immune response. This causes inflammation in the body, and when there’s too much inflammation, it can block the airway for breathing. 

If you think the demand for Respiratory Therapists will decrease as Coronavirus cases decrease, you might be wrong! Respiratory Therapists are in high demand, because cases of lung cancer, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and pneumonia are rising. This career can be an opportunity to make a difference and care for patients with all kinds of life-threatening respiratory problems.

Women in red scrubs with hand on manequin

Personalities Most Suitable for Respiratory Therapist Positions

Individuals with compassionate and patient personalities tend to work well as a Respiratory Therapist. This is a job that requires attention to detail and interpersonal skills, because this occupation requires interaction with patients. Find out if you have the personality traits of a Respiratory Therapist such as determination and dedication. 

What To Expect From a Respiratory Therapy Program

An accredited respiratory therapist school offers a curriculum that can fully prepare students for a career as a Respiratory Therapist. Our Respiratory Therapy Program provides a practical, hands-on introduction to this career while ensuring that students are able to grasp the terminology, technology, and resources needed to fulfill their role as a Respiratory Therapist.

You can learn effective communication skills, which is important not only for communicating with the patients themselves, but also with the patient’s family members. You can also learn:

  • Medical terminology
  • Safety and health standards and regulations
  • Medical law and ethics
  • Physiology
  • Basic human anatomy
  • General pathology
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Medical electronics

Students enrolled in a Respiratory Therapist Training Program can also expect to be exposed to basic general education courses. These courses help to build understanding of general sciences and provide a great base on which to build.

Start Your Path Toward a Respiratory Therapy Degree

Someone with a Respiratory Therapy Degree can have a great job outlook! If you have been thinking about taking the next step toward a degree in Respiratory Therapy, then Pittsburgh Career Institute has the program for you!  Our combination of hands-on and classroom training will provide you with a specialized training program that will help you on the path toward success. Call 412-281-2600 to talk with an admissions representative or start our online application form today!


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