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PCI Student Ambassador Angel Tree Program

Nov 23 2021

Assistance is offered for children from low income student families. Students who qualify will need to apply. In order to qualify, applicants must meet income guidelines that are established by Financial Aid based on your FAFSA. The individual will need to have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $0. Gifts of toys and clothing may…

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Why Community Involvement is Important at PCI

Nov 10 2017

Most, if not all, students at Pittsburgh Career Insitute choose to come here so they can build a career helping other people or animals. Our students have a passion for serving others. It’s what motivates them. This drive to help and serve is one of the things that makes being a student or staff member…

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Building a Great Culture at PCI

Oct 18 2017

Every school has a culture. School culture is made up of the norms, values, and the overall feeling that is present. There are a lot of things that go into creating that culture, and believe it or not, that culture can play a major role in how students learn. If your school has a negative…

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Catching Up With Our Students

Apr 25 2017

Our students are amazing! We love to document what PCI students are doing, and we are excited to share their progress as they go along in their educational journey. Haven’t been following us on Instagram? We’ve got some updates for you! Surgical Technology A post shared by Pittsburgh Career Institute (@pciedu) on Apr 11, 2017…

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