Why Community Involvement is Important at PCI

Nov 10 2017

Most, if not all, students at Pittsburgh Career Insitute choose to come here so they can build a career helping other people or animals. Our students have a passion for serving others. It’s what motivates them. This drive to help and serve is one of the things that makes being a student or staff member at PCI such an amazing experience: You are constantly surrounded by people with compassion in their hearts.

Because of this, community involvement is a big part of who we are at PCI. It’s vital to us that our students and staff have the opportunity to build the community up and serve in beneficial ways.

Here’s what we do at PCI to be a pillar in our community, why it’s important to us, and what it does for our students and staff:

What We Do

We are always looking for meaningful ways to strengthen the community in Pittsburgh. The following are a few things we have done to accomplish this:

  • Blood drives
  • Canned food drives
  • Serving meals at shelters
  • Various cancer awareness initiatives
  • Christmas cards for deployed troops
  • Domestic violence awareness
  • Many more

These are only a few examples of ways that we have played a part in our community. You can see many of the events that we have done in the past and what we are planning on doing in the future on our Facebook page. Follow us and get involved.

students working a breast cancer awareness fundraiser

Partnering Up

Finding other people, businesses, and organizations to work with is a great way to make a difference. With a little teamwork the effect of PCI’s service can be felt by more people. Working together is a key ingredient in making the community stronger.

At PCI we have partnered with organizations like Jeremiah’s Place, the Pittsburgh Food Bank, Light of Life Rescue Mission, and multiple cancer charities. These organizations exist to give help where it is needed most. By partnering up with them, we have been able to find more opportunities to give back and help out within our community.

Why We Love Getting Involved

We love our students! We want to help them to succeed and do great things. At PCI we strive to provide an educational experience that helps with more than just the technical skills. We want our students to learn how to be great professionals, but also great citizens and members of society. We think that giving them small opportunities to serve influences big change.

We also want to instill the desire to strengthen the community within our students. Our hope is that when they graduate and start their careers, they will continue to seek for ways to do good in the world. It’s part of who we are at PCI and we want our students to take that with them into their careers!

group of pci students

School Culture

Not only is giving, serving, and helping in the nature of our students but we strive to make it a cornerstone of our culture at PCI. Sharing this core value with our students helps make PCI feel like family.

Join the Family

If you’re ready to become part of the PCI family, contact us. We are excited to help you get a start on building a new career that you can enjoy. Look at our programs and request more information about the one that interests you most. We will get in touch with you and can help answer any questions you may still have about beginning your journey to a rewarding career. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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