Dr. Sam Armfield, Program Director of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Mar 15 2021

The Pittsburgh Career Institute is excited to introduce Dr. Sam Armfield as our Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director.

Dr. Armfield comes from a family deep-rooted in the medical field. Both, his brother and his father are Radiologists in Pittsburgh, with sisters that are nurses, and a mother that was a lab technologist.

“Medicine seems to be in our genes,” said Armfield.

Sonography interested him at an early age. Armfield’s father was an early adopter in the sonographer field and being around him and his interest in the “newer” technology piqued his own interest in the field.

As a non-invasive diagnostic test, Sonography uses sound waves at high frequencies to bounce off of internal organs, allowing computers to create detailed images from the returning echoes. Armfield notes that common scans are general abdomen scans including Gall Bladder, Kidney, Pancreases and Aorta.

Students will learn the anatomy in great detail and begin to imagine the body 3 dimensionally. Armfield states that this is a fundamental requirement for success in the Diagnostic Ultrasound Field.

In regards to the program at PCI, Armfield said, “We do a great job of teaching the anatomy and the pathology of the human body. We take that information and combine it with the hand-eye coordination that is required to do a proper Diagnostic Scan on the body. The outcome is a student that becomes a very bright, talented, and in-demand professional sonographer.”

Dr.  Sam Armfield is a registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) and is registered in Abdomen with the ARDMS. He holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Palmer College where he graduated sum laude and with research honors. Dr. Armfield is an Adjunct Professor for Albany Medical College where he teaches Physicians to prepare to sit for their RPVI (Registered Vascular Interpretation Boards).

As the Program Director of PCI’s DMS program, he feels it is his responsibility to maintain the high standards and expectations of the DMS Program.

We have remodeled the entire school, including the Diagnostic Ultrasound Labs, we have several brand-new state of the art pieces of ultrasound equipment with more on the way. Dr. Armfield is proud to be the DMS Program Director and part of the PCI family.

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