Everything You Need to Know to Become a Medical Assistant

Oct 25 2019

So, you’re thinking about starting your future path toward being a Medical Assistant? It can be intimidating if you’re not quite sure where to start or don’t fully know what a Medical Assistant does. You don’t need to worry because we have the ultimate guide that covers everything you need to know about a future in Medical Assisting!

Medical Assistant Career Guide – Traits, Training, Jobs

Guy in scrubs holding a stethoscope

Are you wondering if becoming a Medical Assistant would be the best choice for your future? This may be a good career option if you:

  • Love to help others
  • Are interested in the medical field
  • Are an organized person
  • Work well under pressure
  • Can be adaptable to different situations

If this sounds like you, then this guide could answer your beginning questions, from career options and more.

How Well Do You Know Your Medical Instruments?

Girl getting her blood pressure checked

Let’s see if your knowledge from binge-watching “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scrubs”, or “House M.D.” has paid off! We’re going to test you on your common medical tools knowledge and see how much you know about the instruments you can expect to use nearly every day if you pursue an education in Medical Assisting! Good luck and let us know how you do on Facebook!

Becoming a Medical Assistant

A man and woman check a baby's heart rate

Do you already know that this is the path for your education? Maybe you’re wondering what’s next! Here’s a more in-depth guide to what you can expect from a Medical Assistant program and the potential job market. If you’re ready to dive into learning about lab procedures, patient prep, medical communications, medical records, medical law, and more then see what your education could look like!

What Could You Do With a Medical Assistant Diploma?

man getting his blood pressure checked

Don’t let the unknown after graduation scare you! There are plenty of employment options for Medical Assistants across the broad field of healthcare. We’d like to show you where you could work and how you could shape your future! Discover why Medical Assisting opportunities are growing in demand and becoming more popular.

How to Become a Medical Assistant

We’ve given you a sampling of what you could expect from a career as a Medical Assistant. If you see yourself as a Medical Assistant in the future, it can be broken down into our concise how-to guide. Check out these four steps and how you could make goals for your future with people who support you every step of the way!

Meet the Staff: Sherri Steele, Medical Assistant Diploma Program Director

If you’re interested in meeting more people in the field of Medical Assisting, then we’d love for you to meet our Medical Assistant Program Director, Sherri Steele! See how she’s helped students succeed and why she loves teaching at Pittsburgh Career Institute. She’s played a huge part in helping PCI feel like a family where we lift each other up and help them succeed.

Now That You Know the Basics, What’s Stopping You?

We’re excited to help students reach the career goals they set for themselves. If one of your goals is a successful career in Medical Assisting, then check out our Medical Assistant diploma program. Contact PCI to speak with an Admissions Representative about school and how you could take the first step toward your new career. We’re excited to meet you!

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