February’s Employee of the Month

Feb 16 2022

The Pittsburgh Career Institute’s Employee of the Month for February was awarded to James Claytor. Congratulations to Mr. Claytor! PCI thanks you for all of your hard work and dedication!

A Security Guard with Experience

Claytor pursued a career in law enforcement because of the memories of his hero in a police uniform, his father.

Being in law enforcement since 1991 and working for two agencies, he still is a certified municipal police officer and is currently the Elected Constable in his community. Throughout his law enforcement career, he’s done several private security details and everything from watching a burned-out building to the personal protection of individuals.

A New Chapter

“I was looking for a new chapter in my life where I could use my skills to make a positive impact,” Claytor said. “I actually worked six months and two days in the Medical Marijuana field before getting the call that would bring me to PCI.”

Claytor likes to have conversations. His favorite part of the job is the interactions he has with his PCI team and the students.

“I enjoy the student’s conversations and aspirations, and have enjoyed so many intellectual conversations from these young people,’ Claytor said. “I am invigorated.”

Words to Live By

Not only does Claytor keep PCI safe and secure, he also encourages everyone to be their best.

“Don’t dwell on your short comings,” Claytor said. “What makes an individual effective is their ability to stay focused, communicate effectively, and remain humble.”

And as his Dad always said, the only way to treat everyone equally is to be able to listen actively and communicate effectively.

The students and staff get to talk to Claytor every day, as he is the first person they see on the way in and the last person they see on the way out. Claytor’s words always have value and there is always a positive takeaway. That’s only one of the reasons why the staff and students like him so much.

“Never give up, it is easy to quit. If a mountain wasn’t steep everyone would climb it. Remember you can do this.”

Claytor has been with PCI since June of 2021.

James Claytor, Security Guard, February's Employee of the Month

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