January’s Employee of the Month

The Pittsburgh Career Institute’s Employee of the Month for January was awarded to Amanda Freiss. Congratulations to Mrs. Freiss! PCI thanks you for all of your work and dedication!

Mrs. Freiss is one of PCI‘s Diagnostic Medical Sonography instructors and has been working in Ultrasound for 12 years.

“My journey has truly been wonderful. I really enjoyed the hospital setting and helping patients relieve any anxiety, help them feel comfortable, to be an ear when they needed someone to talk to, or to just give a friendly/caring smile,” Freiss said.

She considers healthcare so much more than what we learn in a book setting.

It is truly something that comes from the heart.

“Truthfully, I stumbled into ultrasound,” explains Freiss, “and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my career path. I love helping people, and I really enjoy problem solving.”

At PCI, she still has the opportunity to help people, and above all else, she feels like that is her calling. “I feel so fortunate to be here and to make a positive impact on our students’ learning experience. I want to see them all succeed and reach their goals!”

Sonography is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Freiss works closely with the students to make sure they are using their full potential. She loves seeing them put everything together they’ve learned and seeing them feel fulfilled and happy. “The path may be difficult, but the journey is worth it.”

There is a message she shares as to why she’s been so successful in her career – Do not forget that every patient that you encounter is someone’s mom/dad, sister/brother, husband/wife, child. Do not forget that we are in our field to help our patients. Do not lose your empathy, your caring, your drive to help others.

Take life one step at a time.

The best advice she’s ever been given is to take life “one step at a time.” Even with her students, she tells them to not lose sight of their goals and to take their education “one step at a time.”

As for her advice for those considering a career in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, she says, “some days are going to be easier than others, but do not forget what brought you to where you are now, and don’t lose your drive to help others!”

Mrs. Freiss has been with Pittsburgh Career Institute for a little over five months and has already made a lasting impression.

Read more about the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program HERE.

Amanda Freiss, DMS Instructor, January Employee of the Month

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