On the job With a Dental Assistant

Oct 21 2016

Are you looking for a long, stable career that offers you diverse opportunities? How about a position that enables you to help others feel at ease and improve their wellbeing? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, a career in dental assisting might be the right professional path for you.

Dental assistants find themselves on the front lines of patient care in a dental office or clinic. As a dental assistant, you are expected to have a broad base of dental knowledge while helping patients relax and feel at ease during the procedure.

Performing a range of activities including administration, patient prep, and assisting with dental procedures, a career as a dental assistant will certainly keep you on your toes. With such a wide scope of responsibility, it’s no wonder why this profession is becoming one of the fastest growing fields in the country. If dental assisting seems right for you, here are some of the ways that a dental assistant training program can help you along the way.

In-Depth Dental Knowledge

The responsibilities of a dental assistant vary from practice to practice, making in-depth dental knowledge one of the most sought-after skills in the field. As a dental assistant, you’ll be expected to have extensive knowledge of oral anatomy and how to accurately identify oral anatomical variations. While you don’t need to know everything about dentistry, having basic knowledge of oral anatomy and dental hygiene will prove useful as you assist in chairside procedures such as exams, surgeries, root canals and more.

X-Rays, Materials and Technique

Oral anatomy and dental knowledge aside, you’ll be expected to know the ins and outs of all the dental equipment used and best practice techniques. At PCI, our in-house laboratory puts our students in real-world situations – using the equipment, tools and techniques they’ll be expected to perform from their first day on the job. These sessions allow our students to get up close and personal with the equipment they’ll be using day in and day out, practicing various techniques while learning how to apply those skills to real world situations.

Patient Care

A Dental Assistant’s job goes beyond equipment and technique. Chair-side assisting, in both an accurate and professional way, makes up the core of a dental assistant’s daily duties. Also, accomplished dental assistants excel in their knowledge of oral anatomy, hygiene, and assisting so the most proven way to perfect these skills is through experience. Being involved in a dental assistant training program such as PCI’s provides invaluable real-world experience that sets students apart from their competition. In addition, time spent completing a clinical externship could allow students to determine if they are interested in different specialty areas of dentistry, such as orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, or maxillofacial surgery.  Students that complete PCI’s dental assistant diploma program could have many job opportunities to choose from, including general dentistry and a wide range of specialized areas of dentistry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, and when compared to job growth for other positions, the demand for dental assistant positions is high and is one of the fastest-growing job titles in the United States. After completing Pittsburgh Career Institute’s 10-month dental assistant diploma program, students should be qualified to seek a wide range of entry-level dental assistant positions.

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