Medical Assistant Diploma Program Coming in September!

May 03 2018

Pittsburgh Career Institute (PCI) is pleased to announce our new 10-month Medical Assistant diploma program! Medical assisting is a fast-paced, exciting medical career that many people around the country love. It provides the opportunity to help people and make a positive difference in the lives of many. September 4th is our first start date for the new program, so start making plans for yourself now!

What do Medical Assistants Do?

Many people confuse Medical Assistants with nurses because they fill similar roles in the medical field. Medical assistants perform both clinical and administrative functions alongside physicians and other medical professionals. Medical Assistants often take vital signs, administer injections, collect and prepare lab specimens, perform tests like echocardiograms, and much more! They also typically handle administrative duties such as phone calls, processing insurance information, and maintaining patient records. The major difference between nurses and Medical Assistants is that nurses tend to work in hospitals, administering care to patients while Medical Assistants often work in clinics with a blend of clinical and administrative responsibilities.

What Career Options do Medical Assistants Have?

Medical Assistants typically have a wide range of career options after graduation. They can work in hospitals, physicians offices, chiropractors offices, urgent care facilities, outpatient facilities, insurance companies, and many more! If you have an interest in the medical field, a Medical Assistant diploma could be a way for you to explore many different opportunities!

Check out our program page to learn more!

Outlook for Medical Assistants

Compared to most other careers, the outlook for Medical Assistants is incredibly bright! The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be over 183,000 new job opportunities by 2026. The aging baby-boomer population will continue to increase demand for preventative medical services, which in turn will likely cause a significant increase in the demand for all types of medical personnel. If you’re looking for a career that has great potential for future stability, medical assisting could be perfect for you!

Is Medical Assisting Right For You?

Medical assisting is a great way for many people to find a career in which they can truly better themselves. Strong medical assistants enjoy a healthy mix of tasks each day, helping other people, and gracefully handling stressful situations. The best Medical Assistants excel at working with other people and have a pleasant, calming effect on the people around them. If you’re looking into becoming a Medical Assistant, or are interested in the medical field, contact PCI – we’ll be happy to help you determine if this is a good career fit for you. If medical assisting isn’t the right fit for you, we have various other healthcare-oriented programs to which you may be better suited.

Learn More Today!

Join the first class of students in the new Medical Assistant diploma program! Our first day of class begins on September 4th, so there’s no time to waste! If you are interested in learning more, or would like to tour the school for yourself, call us at 412-281-2600 or fill out the form above!

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