Meet The Staff: Charlotte Kwiatkowski, Surgical Technology Program Director

Pittsburgh Career Institute is pleased to welcome an experienced director for our Surgical Technology program, Mrs. Charlotte Kwiatkowski! She joined the school in September of 2018, making her one of the newest members of the PCI family. She may be relatively new at the school, but Mrs. Kwiatkowski brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the that can help our surgical technology students be more successful.

About Charlotte Kwiatkowski

Mrs. Kwiatkowski always felt like she had a calling for healthcare because her family had a history of illness and disease. She spent a fair amount of time in hospitals, and that’s where she saw the opportunity to help other people. Charlotte began her career as a surgical technologist in the 1990’s at the Saint Francis Medical Center. From there she worked in several other medical facilities, including the Pittsburgh Technical Institute where she worked for ten years, four of which she spent as a program director.

Mrs. Kwiatkowski is also very hands-on with helping her students adjust to becoming surgical technologists. She learns all about her students, from their medical conditions and allergies to their physical and mental abilities, so that she can help place them in suitable surgical facilities. She takes the time to work with students one-on-one to find them ideal places to start their careers, and then she’ll even write referral letters to help the students further!

Charlotte’s Role at PCI

Mrs. Kwiatkowski has the exciting opportunity to serve as the Surgical Technology program director at Pittsburgh Career Institute. Her main role is to manage clinical needs, as well as externships for students. She supports clinical instructors, collaborates with hospitals for externships, and works with instructors on a day-to-day basis to help them overcome obstacles. She also works with students on paperwork and scheduling concerns, and helps new students become acquainted with Surge Techs and what is expected of them in the field.

What Charlotte Loves About PCI

The Surgical Technology program at PCI is especially exciting, because it is a 15-month program that awards graduates with an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Technology (AST). Many other Surge Tech programs take significantly longer and cost more to complete. The program at PCI can be completed in less time, which allows graduates to start working sooner! Mrs. Kwiatkowski also speaks highly of her staff, describing them as being compassionate and willing to go the extra mile to change a life. PCI is centered on making a difference.

Advice For Future Students

Mrs. Kwiatkowski’s biggest piece of advice for people considering a future in surgical technology is to go talk to her! She has an incredible amount of experience and is dedicated to helping people connect with their future careers. She’s been in the local healthcare field for over 20 years, and knows people at medical centers throughout the area. Many of her previous students have been hired even before they graduated, and we’re excited to see her make the same impact here at PCI!

Learn With Mrs. Kwiatkowski

PCI and Mrs. Kwiatkowski are dedicated to helping students succeed on an individual level. If you have an interest in learning surgical technology, reach out to us to learn more about our program and what it can do for you!

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