New Student Orientation 10/22/21

Oct 19 2021

The first of November is right around the corner! That brings a new start for the Vet. Tech. Program, the Dental Assistant Program, and the Medical Assistant Program. And with that new start comes Orientation. New Student Orientation will be held on Friday, October 22.

Prior to beginning classes at Pittsburgh Career Institute, all new students attend an orientation program. Orientation facilitates a successful transition into PCI. New and returning students are required to attend regardless of their prior college experience. At orientation, students are acquainted with the campus, the administrative staff, the faculty, and their peers. The administrative departments explain the ways in which they assist students and clarify students’ rights and responsibilities. In the event a student is unable to attend orientation, the Admissions Manager and Program Director will meet with the student during the first week of class to ensure all relevant information is reviewed. Failure to attend orientation may prevent a student from starting their program of study.

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