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We know your main passion is to help animals, which is what you can do while at Pittsburgh Career Institute! Work with others’ pets while in school for real-world experience.

Learn in Small Class Sizes

You can get the support you need through small class sizes, with laboratory classes limited to a small faculty to student ratio allowing more valuable one-on-one time with instructors.

Financial Aid Available

Paying for school is possible, as we offer a variety of payment options, including financial aid available to those who qualify. See what grants, loans, and scholarships are available!

“I enrolled at PCI because I knew I wanted to have a successful career but didn’t see myself devoting a lot of time into getting it. PCI had so many wonderful program options at accelerated rates, it was a win-win situation, be successful and not put in a ton of time. Those months of schooling fly by.”

Ga’Meisha G.

“I recommend PCI because this is where I learned the necessary skills to do what I love most, working with animals. The vet tech teachers are a bunch of knowledgeable ladies that are willing to pass on their knowledge in a very passionate manner. I couldn't have asked for a better crew to teach me everything…”

Carla H.

If you have a passion for helping animals and dream about working in a Veterinarian clinic, an education in Veterinary Technology could be the perfect fit for you! As a Veterinary Technician, you can work in a clinic assisting Veterinarians with a variety of services for animals, including injections, catheter placement, surgical assistance, anesthesia administration, and more!

Plus, there are so many opportunities after your schooling, as you can choose to specialize in certain subtypes of veterinary medicine or even work in a zoo or aquarium.

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Pittsburgh Career Institute

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Pittsburgh Career Institute

421 Seventh Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219