November’s Employee of the Month

Nov 30 2021

The Pittsburgh Career Institute’s Employee of the Month for November was awarded to Katie Hartman. Congratulations to Ms. Hartman! PCI thanks you for all of your work and dedication.

Ms. Hartman is the Surgical Technology Program Director at the Pittsburgh Career Institute. Being a Surg. Tech. for 18 years, she always knew she wanted to work in the medical field. The team atmosphere and ability to help patients is what she enjoys most about Surgical Technology. Now, she’s educating the next generation of medical professionals at PCI.

She has a big heart!

What does she like most about being an educator at PCI?

“Preparing my students for the OR, seeing my students succeed and taking their knowledge that I have taught them in order to become the best ST,” Hartman said about teaching.

Part of her message to her students is to “stay true to yourself and know in your heart you are making a difference with every patient.”

As for the best advice she’s ever received, she shared this:

“Don’t give up, even after having hard day. The next day is a new day with new patients to help. Understand the role of a ST and be a team player. Be involved with the surgeons and the staff, they will become your second family.”

She has been with the Pittsburgh Career Institute since 2020.

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