October’s Employee of the Month

Nov 10 2021

The Pittsburgh Career Institute’s Employee of the Month for October was awarded to Adam Bouchat-Friedman. Congratulations to Mr. Bouchat-Friedman! PCI thanks you for all of your work and dedication.

Not only does Bouchat-Friedman teach at PCI, he is also the librarian. Here are a few things he had to say:

I have worked in education 19 years (all 19 as a librarian, as well as 3 as a professional English tutor and 6 as an instructor).

I love when an unconfident student turns out to be a truly critical thinker and didn’t know it because they were not challenged in high school. The best part about being a librarian is the relationships. I get to work with every program on campus and help students achieve their goals regardless of their scrub color.

My favorite part of PCI is seeing former graduates in the healthcare industry who started out as students who were told they’d never succeed in higher education (and who let me cut in line in the waiting room!!!).

To be successful, take every experience as a learning opportunity. The world knows nothing more than to keep turning, so even the most mundane undertakings can be beautiful moments if we recognize how amazing it is to be alive.

Mr. Bouchat-Friedman, October's Employee of the Month


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