Robert Larkin, Surgical Technology Instructor

Nov 11 2021

Robert Larkin is one of our newer Surgical Technology Instructors at the Pittsburgh Career Institute. From growing up in California to joining the United States Army, he has an interesting story to tell about his journey to PCI that started in high school.

“My interest in the medical field began during high school. We had what was called the ‘Medical Career Magnet’ program. Essentially, students were put through a rigorous course load that would in turn prepare them for either nursing school, or some other medical profession,” Larkin said.

It was his decision to enlist in the United States Army that opened the door to the surgical technology field.

“Like many young adults, I thought I had life figured out, but in reality, I had no clue what I wanted to do. Once I took my ASVAB, my recruiter showed me a list of jobs.” That is when the title of “Operating Room Specialist” jumped out at Larkin and began his journey towards Surgical Technology.

After his discharge from the military, Larkin began the process of transitioning back to civilian life.

“I attended school to become a surgical first assistant, followed by nursing school. After much contemplation, I decided nursing just wasn’t for me,” Larkin said. After figuring this out, he decided to finish his Bachelor’s degree and is graduating from Duquesne University with his degree in Political Science with a minor in Sociology.

Larkin’s favorite memory as a Surgical Technologist is from his time during a Cataract Medical Readiness Training Exercise in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“Our team went to the Dominican Republic to provide humanitarian services while improving eyesight for hundreds of Dominican citizens at no cost to them,” Larkin said. Article linked here.

Now, Larkin is a Surgical Technology instructor at the Pittsburgh Career Institute and had this to say about the ST Program: “The greatest takeaways is the attending to detail you will develop. Acting as gatekeepers of aseptic technique, we as surgical technologists must be advocates for our patient’s safety.”

Students in the ST Program receive training from PCI’s expert instructors, including Mr. Larkin, and could earn an Associates in Specialized Technology (AST) degree in as little as 70 weeks (18 months). To learn more about the Surgical Technology Program at PCI, click here.

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Eddie McAllister

God has blessed you Bobby.
You have had an impressive, diversified l, educational journey starting in Shasta County. Thanks for letting me know about you and staying in touch.

Your service to others is what Dr. Martin Luther King was talking about.