What Does a Dialysis Technician Do?

Jun 19 2019

What Is a Dialysis Technician?

When someone’s kidneys can’t clean toxins from the blood on their own, a dialysis machine comes into play. The device mixes and monitors dialysate, a sugar solution used to remove waste products from the blood. It also ensures that electrolytes and minerals are at their correct levels and monitors the patient’s blood flow.

A Dialysis Technician operates this life-saving machine and works directly with patients, nurses, and doctors to make sure everything functions properly. These healthcare professionals need to be detail-oriented and dedicated to providing excellent patient care. Our Dialysis Technology program at Pittsburgh Career Institute (PCI) can help prepare you to take on this role.

Dialysis Technician using the dialysis machine.

Dialysis Technician’s Responsibilities

Before, during, and after a dialysis treatment begins, a Dialysis Technician is responsible for the following:


  • Prepaing dialysate
  • Assembliing the dialysis machine and making sure it works
  • Sterilizing equipment
  • Checking the patient’s records
  • Administering local anesthetic
  • Inserting needle
  • Starting the dialysis according to prescription


  • Checking coagulant and fluid rates, adjusting things accordingly
  • Making sure the patient is properly positioned and comfortable
  • Responding to any emergencies
  • Calming a patient’s nerves and helping with emotional and physical needs
  • Providing knowledge and advice throughout treatment


  • Disconnecting and cleaning the machine
  • Recording vital signs
  • Discussing the treatment with the patient
  • Providing any after-care guidance

About Our Program

Want to potentially enter the healthcare field in a year or less? Our Dialysis Technology program at PCI can be completed in as little as ten months! The program combines lectures, laboratory work, and a clinical externship. This externship provides students with an invaluable opportunity to gain real-life work experience while still in school. It’s a great way to prepare for the future and practice your new skills!

If you’re interested in Dialysis Technology, contact PCI to learn more about our program! We’d love to answer any of your questions about enrollment. Reach out to us today to get started.

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