Why it’s Worth It to Get a Pharmacy Technician Degree

In today’s job market, there are many different health care career opportunities.  If stability is something you are looking for in a career, then becoming a pharmacy technician could be the right choice for you.  There are many advantages to earning a pharmacy technician degree, and it could open the door for more opportunities.

The Advantages of a Pharmacy Technician Degree

One of the greatest advantages to earning your Associates in Specialized Technology (AST) degree in pharmacy technology is the growing demand for this position. Overall the national job growth is currently 11%; however, growth in the pharmacy technology sector has grown 20% within the past several years. This is a career path that can offer long-term stability, as well opportunities for growth.

Another advantage of obtaining a pharmacy technician degree is that you can complete the program in only 15 months. A degree in pharmacy technology will provide you with exposure to several placement options and opportunities for advancement as you continue to gain experience.

Examples of How a Pharmacy Technology Degree Could Provide Other Opportunities

After becoming fully trained as a pharmacy technician, other opportunities could become available to you in the future.  This is a career that could be financially rewarding and provide opportunities for progressive financial growth. As you take on more responsibilities, you could increase your earning potential. Following are three examples of how a pharmacy technician degree could open other doors:

  • Intracompany Advancement – Upon mastering the regular duties associated with a pharmacy technician, the degree may open doors to advancements in specialty fields. For example, becoming a medical equipment specialist or an inventory specialist could be an option.Additionally, if the pharmacy technician works for a drugstore chain company, often times job opportunities in leadership could become available. In this case, the technician could become a supervising pharmacy technician.
  • Institutionalized Opportunities – In institutionalized pharmacy settings, such as a nursing home or a hospital, the certified technician could be exposed to a wide range of job opportunities. Larger organizations tend to have more jobs requiring enhanced skill sets that are needed to meet the different demands of their patients, and therefore different opportunities for an employee.
  • Mail Order Pharmacy –An increasing number of insurance companies are meeting the demands of their patients by approving mail order pharmacy prescriptions.  Thus, a career with a mail order pharmacy could become a career option.

Also, a pharmacy technician degree provides the educational foundation for more advanced degrees, which make opportunities possible for more advanced careers, such as a Pharmacist.

What The AST Degree Program Entails
The pharmacy technician associates degree program teaches basic concepts and skills, along with the study of medication preparation, pharmacy computing, and customer service care. It is offered through classroom lecture, hands-on laboratory work, and through applying classroom knowledge in a real-world clinical environment.

You may be wondering how to become a pharmacy technician and which are the best pharmacy technician schools? Pittsburgh Career Institute can provide you with the proper hands-on training to set you on the path toward career success. If you’re ready to take the first step to becoming a pharmacy technician, call Pittsburgh Career Institute today!

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